Information Management Systems

Maximize your information resources, reduce redundancy, increase productivity, and identify growth opportunities!  Heritage Area Resources can create a conceptual overview of your business processes and key information relationships and then present thoughtfully planned solutions to help you get the most from your data, information, knowledge, and technology.

Don't let outdated and underused information systems or technology become a barrier to your business success. Heritage Area Resources  provides affordable design, planning, and project management services for information systems, communications networks, web sites, software selection, and hardware selection.

Cultural Heritage Tourism Inventory and Web Tools

HeritageExplorer is a cost effective and easy to use web-based tool provides the ability to collect, inventory, preserve, interpret, display, and distribute information about the cultural and historical resources from ANY LOCATION, AT ANY TIME. All you need is access to the web to add, edit, view, print, or share information about your heritage attractions or events with your Heritage Area partners and the public via your web site. More about Heritage Explorer>

  • Historic Places, Historic Buildings, Historic Monuments, Archaeological Sites, Graveyards, and Historic Markers
  • Natural Sites, Scenes, Routes, Greenways, Treks and Trails, Parks & Outdoor Recreational Facilities
  • Museums, Art Galleries, Cultural Centers, Arts & Crafts Shops, and Antique Shops, and Cultural Sites
  • Musicians, Performers, Poets, Artists, Folklorists and Storytellers
  • Cultural Heritage Activities and Events (festivals, fairs, etc.)
  • Agricultural Sites and Activities

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